In 2017 we invested in the creation of a new law firm. With different backgrounds and experiences, we gathered a new team and created our culture.

We sought to incorporate diversity into a unique body that combined experience and tradition with innovation and irreverence. Clareira is a meeting point, debate, evolution and a vision of the future.

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We believe in agility towards results

CLAREIRA fights complexity with knowledge and a pragmatic approach to law.

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We aim to be active advisors on the most important matters of business and public life. We know how organizations live and work, both in the private and public sector.

We’re experienced and connected. Through our international associations, we are ready to be in the heart of cross-border transactions.

We act in various sectors, and we address matters through different angles. Our multidisciplinary understanding of the law is an asset for our public and private clients.

Focused on providing legal advice to public and private entities from various sectors, Clareira has the right scale.

The one that allows us a close relationship with our clients, the focus and the care that legal issues require.

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Old school know-how, new school attitude.

We combine experience and courage. We aim to be active advisors on the most important matters of business and public life.

Always there -

With the client, anywhere, at all times

Direct contact, proximity, focus, the idea of a team that never gives up is the portrait of our firm. We don’t avoid challenges and will be close to the client at difficult times. We search for productive informality, and dislike excessive protocol. The client and us, we make a team.

Working on doable

We are swift, focused, hands on, dedicated lawyers with a problem-solving mentality.

We work on solutions.

We stand with our clients through every challenge. We strive to achieve practical and realistic routes that reach results in the

shortest possible period.

what we believe - O tamanho certo? A escala da qualidade

The right size?

A scale for quality

We want to have the best of two worlds.

Big profile cases need total dedication, not lots of people.

Our scale management idea is closely linked with adequacy and quality. Field and industry expertise provide dimension without increasing size.

Independence and Freedom

To be networked is important, to be independent even more.

To provide a qualified and dedicated approach requires having the possibility

to decide what´s best, to have an opinion, and also to object when needed.

Internally, we value a sensible dedication to the job. We follow the principles of independence, freedom, and the pursuit of professional happiness.

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